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Disney Princess Snowglobe

Every little girl is a Disney princess in her own right. From Cinderella to Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin’s Jasmine, the Little Mermaid’s Ariel, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast, little girls all have their choice of princess they can call best friends and relate with. This is why a disney princess snowglobe would make a perfect gift for your daughters, granddaughters, or nieces. If you have no little girl to give these to, you can use them as tabletop decorations, especially this Christmas season.

Disney’s snowglobes come in different styles. Some are animated, others have either light or music or both. Some are created as hanging snowglobes while others are tabletop figurines. There are snowglobes on top of gift boxes and snowglobe tumblers. Some even have detachable parts. All of these, however, share the unique Disney tradition of being intricate and impressive, both inside the snowglobe and outside.

One Disney princess snowglobe is the Disney Exclusive entitled “A Dress for Cinderelly,” which shows Cinderella being surprised by her animal friends with a reworked dress for Prince Charming’s ball. Inside the snowglobe is Susie and her sewing basket and a shower of magic sparkles. Other Cinderella snowglobes include A Royal Wedding, Believe in Your Dreams, Cinderella & Fairy, Cinderella & Mice , Cinderella 50th Anniversary “Gold Key” Musical, Cinderella 50th Anniversary Glass Shoe Limited Edition, and Cinderella at the Ball.

Snow White and Aurora are presented in a number of snowglobes, along with the villains in their story. Snow White is featured along with her evil stepmother and Sleeping Beauty along with Maleficent. Some of the snowglobes involving Sleeping Beauty are Aurora’s Birthday Dress, Love’s First Kiss, Sleeping Beauty 40th Anniversary, Sleeping Beauty Briar Rose, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Sleeping Beauty Cottage, Sleeping Beauty Kiss, and Sleeping Beauty Masters Of Animation. Sleeping Beauty snowglobes also come in double-sided, hanging or hourglass options.

The Little Mermaid is also featured in a Disney princess snowglobe collection. She is shown in Ariel & Flounder, Ariel’s Seahorse Chariot, Ariel’s Treasure Trove, King Triton, Little Mermaid Double Sided, Little Mermaid Eric Statue Snowglobe, Little Mermaid Fountain, and Under The Sea, among others.

Aladdin’s princess also has her own Disney princess snowglobe collection. One is a snowglobe that features Jasmine flying on a magic carpet. Another shows her and the tiger Rajah outside the snowglobe, which encased the Sultan’s priced Peacock Fountain.

If you can’t decide which princess suits your recipient best, then opt for the Disney princess snowglobe collection that features more than just one princess, such as the Once Upon a Time Princess, Princess Golden Carrousel, Princess Storybook, Royal Garden, The Princess Waltz, Five Princess Jewel Castle, Five Princess Petal Spinning, Castle Princess, Disney Kiss, and Disney Princess Snowglobe Musical Wishing Fountain.

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