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Jan 6 / admin

Disney Snowglobe

A disney snowglobe is a perfect gift to give to just about anyone, particularly if that recipient is fond of Walt Disney characters. It’s simply a great gift: it’s affordable, accessible, diverse, and enjoyable to see.

A snowglobe is glass ball, and many of them are transparent to let people see its contents inside. It most usually contains a figurine, or miniature scene inside it, together with a landscape of sorts. This landscape is most often a Christmas scene, since one of the great joys of owning a Disney snowglobe is shaking the sphere up and watching all the little bits of “snow” (plastic pieces) hover around the figure and settle slowly, just like the real thing. The inside is largely made up of water or some other liquid and is sealed during manufacturing. The liquid acts as the medium so that snow falls in the proper way: soft and random.

Again, in order to replicate a snow fall inside a Disney snowglobe, you have to first shake up the thing and put it down on its proper side, so that it will “fall” down around the figure or scene. There are other snowglobes as well that have lights inside them, or even a music box that is pre-installed so that it sets out the proper atmosphere. Christmas themes usually predominate the scenes and figures inside current snowglobes.

In the past, snowglobes were made out of lead glass domes over a ceramic base. After it was filled with water, it was then sealed permanently. The flitter or snow pieces were made out of bone chips or small bits of porcelain, sawdust, or sand. Now, snowglobes have thinner glass domes, the bases were thinner and lighter, and overall more sophisticated. The flitter and snow departed from the traditional materials, and instead they were made out of colored tin foils, soap flakes, and white plastic — which is the safest material around. The liquid is now rarely pure water; it is now compounded with liquids such as oils. Most Disney snowglobes today have an anti-freeze material mixed with the water, commonly glycerine. This material also slowed the descent of flitter inside the snowglobe.

As is said, today, the snowglobes are more sophisticated and can include musical components and miniature machinery that automatically disperses the snow contents inside the Disney snowglobe. Others include lights inside and mechanical devices that rotate the figure around the globe. Some Disney snowglobes aren’t shaped like globes at all, and instead take the shape of lanterns, pyramids, and other objects.

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