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Disney Villains Snowglobe

Snowglobes are timeless gift pieces. Disney gives us a wide collection of snowglobes to choose from. There are snowglobes of every fictional Disney character and they cover a vast selection of Disney films. A disney villains snowglobe would make a unique gift for your friends and family.

You can choose from a variety of types and styles of Disney villains snowglobes. One of which is the Captain Hook and Tinker Bell snowglobe that features the one-eyed pirate exhibiting his tricks on the cute Tinker Bell to get information regarding Peter Pan’s hideout. Tinker Bell is inside the glass while the evil Captain Hook is seated outside, with a candle that lights up, adding a realistic touch to the classic Peter Pan scene.

Another Disney villains snowglobe choice is the Cruella De Vil Snowglobe, where she stands inside the glass with her fur coat on and a wicked smile on her face. Cruella’s mansion is the base of the snowglobe. It is covered with snow and some of the dalmatians are scattered around it.

Snow White’s evil stepmother comes in a number of designs. You can choose from a hanging Disney villains snowglobe or a snowglobe figurine. The hanging snowglobe features the evil Queen inside the glass surrounded by hand-painted resin sculptures. It comes with a decorative tabletop stand for display. The snowglobe figurine shows the Queen as she transforms into the old hag who gives Snow White the poisoned apple. You can also have a talking snowglobe, which contains a voice chip that plays the evil Queen’s famous “mirror on the wall” line.

Maleficent in her dragon-form is also available as a Disney villains snowglobe. Prince Phillip fights the evil dragon as it encircles the globe. To add a realistic touch to it, the eyes and tongue of the dragon light up and the theme song of Sleeping Beauty plays in the background. Maleficent also comes in other styles such as the hanging snowglobe, the shimmering gallery snowglobe, the snowglobe that features Prince Phillip and the Dragon, and the Sleeping Beauty LE500 snowglobe for auctions.

The Ursula snowglobe is among the few characters with numbered limited editions. The Little Mermaid’s octo-villain, Ursula, is depicted with her tentacles wrapping around Ariel. One Disney villains snowglobe of Ursula comes with a removable globe, which when removed reveals Ariel’s contract giving up her voice to Ursula to become human.

The ultimate Disney villains snowglobe, however, are the ones that feature Disney’s most popular villains in one setting. You can choose from the Villains & Cauldron snowglobe, Villains Fortune Teller snowglobe, Villains Hourglass snowglobe, or Villains Parade snowglobe.

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